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Fireside Topic: What is the proper role of government? - Wolf & Iron

Fireside Topic: What is the proper role of government?

The spirit of a man is once of independence. A hardy, can-do attitude that desires to test his mettle against the world and see what he can make of himself. However, we (the U.S. and abroad) find ourselves monitored and regulated to a degree that seems to go against our independent nature. The gas we use, the toilets we flush, the cars we drive, the light bulbs we buy. Heck, you may even be taxed when you go see a movie with something called the “amusement” tax (see info about the NC version here). There is nothing amusing about a tax!

So then, what should the role of government be in a manly society? In other words, what decisions should they make, and what decisions, however it may affect the people, should be left up to the people.

This is a fun topic of conversation as passions are likely to get high. It’s also a very important topic. Make sure this conversation is open and continuous.

Here are a few questions to stir the pot.

  • In simplest terms, what is the role of government?
  • What are examples of government overreach in recent history?
  • Is it ever necessary for government to make laws outside its given boundaries?
  • What president or statesmen has done a good job of representing the role of government?
  • What is the role of State vs. Federal government?

Here are a few areas to consider as well:

  • Taxation
  • Military (National and Global)
  • Extra-governmental agencies: CIA, FBI, EPA, etc.
  • Social reformation
  • Welfare
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement

A follow-up question is: How to keep, or return, a government to its proper role?

– Yarbrough

- Fireside Topic articles are interesting topics to get men talking. Find a few friends and throw a question out there and see what develops. Read more here. -


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