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The Way of the Ancient Samurai with Antony Cummins - Wolf & Iron

The Way of the Ancient Samurai with Antony Cummins

Antony Cummins

Antony Cummins is an author and historical researcher who focuses on bringing the world’s attention to the dramatic and sophisticated realm of the Japanese medieval warrior with the conclusion of helping change the perspective on the historical truth that lies behind the story of the samurai and the infamous ninja.

Mike and Antony discuss the 80’s and 90’s childhood fascination with everything ninja and samurai’s. They discuss which myths are real and how many are not accurate.


  • Antony Cummins - Author of “The Book Of Samurai” series Introduction (1:30)
  • Start of Interview with Antony (3:40)
  • What’s Real and what’s fake? (8:00)
  • Do we have Samurai ancient tactics that are still used today? (12:30)
  • Battle strategies and tactics of the Samurai (16:20)
  • The meanings and details of the Samurai armour (20:00)
  • What is the Samurai’s concept of honor? (24:25)
  • How does someone become a Samurai (27:40)
  • What do Samurai scrolls look like and how are they translated? (33:20)


  • Book Links: The first-ever study of “Samurai arms, armour, and tactics in the words of an authentic seventeenth-century Samurai master strategist” CLICK HERE
  • Learn more about Antony and his journey HERE and his YouTube channel HERE
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