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What Beard Oil is Supposed to Do (and is it really worth it?) - Wolf & Iron

What Beard Oil is Supposed to Do (and is it really worth it?)

When we launched our beard oils, we set up shop at a nearby brewery to get the word out. We had a lot of guys stop by that had some serious beards. They had obviously been working on their beard for years. So, we were shocked when many of them asked "What is beard oil?" or "What exactly is beard oil supposed to do?"

When we explained the benefits of it, they lit up. Just about every guy with a beard deals with the same issues, but most of us don't know they are issues that have a solution.

I figured, if these guys don't know what the heck beard oil is, there is a good chance the average beardsman doesn't either.

What is Beard Oil Supposed to Do?

While men have used oil in their beards for millennia, it's a relatively new trend among westerners. There has been a surge in the "urban beardsman" population, which has unfortunately done some damage to the credibility of beard oil.

Beard Oil Conditions Your Beard

It does this by first conditioning your face. You see, when your beard grows, your face has to supply it with oil. To do this, your face needs to produce the right amount of oil and the right type.

Do I need beard oil even if I have oily skin?

This is a question we get pretty often. The answer is, probably. The overproduction of oil is actually more of an issue than having dry skin. The buildup of oil under the beard leads to clogged pores, pimples and ingrown hairs, and ultimately the loss of beard hair (nooooooo!)

Beard oil, at least the good stuff, balances out the oils on and in your skin. This softens the beard and allows it to grow without restriction.

Beard Oil Makes Your Beard Look More Healthy

Because it is more healthy. As every woodworker knows, the best part is putting that final coat of oil on a freshly sanded piece of wood. The grain pops and all of the color really comes out.

This guy knows what I'm talking about...I think. 

The same thing happens to your beard when you use beard oil regularly. Rather than a dry, stiff beard, you will have a softer and more vibrant mane.

Beard Oil Makes Your Beard Fuller

Don't get me wrong. Beard oil isn't a magic potion that will make your beard grow. It isn't beard seeds, it's beard oil. But, hydrated beard hairs are thicker than dry ones and so your beard will be more full than it would without oil.

If you have an issue with eczema, or often have ingrown hairs or acne, beard oil can help relieve those issues as well and may provide an opportunity for new hairs to finally break through.

Beard Oil Smells Awesome!

You don't need cologne when you're wearing beard oil. A well crafted beard oil won't be too strong and should only be able to be smelled when in close proximity. The right blend of essential oils will last all day and will even change the dynamic of their scent throughout the day and with the amount of body heat produced. All of this is taken into account when creating a beard oil.

We're pretty proud of our beard oil. John Muir was our first and remains a favorite!

Is it Really Worth It?

Guys are typically a hard sell when it comes to spending money on ourselves. So, this is a legitimate question most of us ask.

Firstly, while a bottle of beard oil may appear small, it will last around 3 months for a medium sized beard. Not bad.

Secondly, it does make a legitimate difference in a number of areas. The most obvious is strengthening and conditioning your beard, as well as providing a better bearding experience (no itch, no flakes). If that were not enough, it also gives you a distinct, manly, and pleasant scent. This shouldn't be overlooked. Scent is powerful. How many of us still remember our granddad's aftershave? Or our dad's barbasol?

We all have the ability to make an impact when we walk into a room, and a man with a well-cared-for beard certainly makes an impression.

Final Thoughts

Although beard oil isn't new, it is a relatively new subject for a lot of men. If you're wanting your beard to look more full, not itch or flake, and smell great, beard oil is what you need.

If you have any questions about beard oil, just reach out and let us know. 

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