Why MLMs are a Bad Idea // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

Why MLMs are a Bad Idea // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

Confession time: I used to be in Amway. Yeah, it's a bit odd for me to even think back on that time. But, I was young and it was my first introduction to the concept of being successful. Coming from humble beginnings as I did, the idea of making it big was tremendously powerful. If nothing else, I learned how to dream for the future I wanted and saw examples of other people who started with little and made much.

That being said, in most cases MLMs are not a good idea. If you're looking to start a business it's easier now than ever before, but not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. And, those that are still face a number of uphill struggles that they are not going to power through. Here are my thoughts on why Multi-Level Marketing businesses are typically not the right approach.

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