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Hawaiian King David Kalakaua Beard Oil

"Hula is the language of the heart, therefore, the heartbeat of the Hawai'ian people." - King Kalakaua

The Scent

Tropical flowers, mango, coconut, vanilla, spicey, & woodsy.

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King David Kalakaua was the last king of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Though a former general of their military, he was primarily known for his heart for his kingdom and people. He restored the hula dance -- which had been outlawed -- and became known as the Merrie Monarch due to his love for ukulele playing and singing.

The concept for this scent was to imagine oneself on a tropical island hut. A sea breeze brining in the scents of the flowers and fruits, while the woody hut also provided a masculine tone and deeper notes.

Beard oil helps reduce inflammation, beard-druff, flakes and itching associated with beard growth.

Size: 1oz/30ml

Suggested Use: Daily

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Essential Oils

Allergen Info: Although we don't use any products with known common allergies, those with tree nut allergies should be careful with this product.

Proudly made in small batches, by us, in Huntersville, NC!

Our beard oil is designed to be lightweight & quickly absorbing -- never greasy!

Shake 3-5 drops into your palm, rub hands together, then work it into your skin.

While beard oil is great for your beard, the real benefit is to your face. So, be sure to work it into your skin and then add some to your beard if needed.

You'll love the product ordered in every imaginable way, or we'll refund or replace it. That's it. 👊

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