We Made a Better Beard Oil

Most bearded fellas have the same problems with our beards, only, we don't know they are problems with a solution. Our beards get dry, itchy, and flaky. This is where beard oil comes in. By using Organic Argan oil and essential oils, we've crafted a lightweight, non-greasy, quickly absorbing beard oil that actually works.

We also made a bottle design that not only looks amazing, but has a non-spill top. A great way to ruin your morning is knocking over a bottle of handcrafted oil. That doesn't happen with us. Travel with it, knock it over, do whatever.

John Muir Beard Oil Sample
Blackbeard Beard Oil Sample
Frederick Douglass Beard Oil Sample


We know you're going to love these beard oils. If you purchase anything from us and aren't completely satisfied, just reach out and let us know. We stand by our products and our customers! We'll replace or refund your order to make it right.

Amber P.

Google Review

"My fiance smells so good thanks to the beard oil I purchased here! All of the samples sent smell just as great. I can't wait to order again."

David L.

Verified Buyer

"The scent is quite unique. Right after applying the oil, I noticed it was light and refreshing, rather than heavy and greasy. Even with the light feel, it still tamed the beard nicely. I certainly appreciate the overall quality of the product."

Mitch A.

Verified Buyer

"From the moment I opened the shipping box I was blown away. The packaging, the free sample of the other scents, the man cards and stickers. The whole thing blew my mind. The product is amazing, the scent is bold and strong (like a man should be) and lasts all day long. The oil is light enough and won’t weigh the hairs down. By far the best beard oil I’ve ever used."




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