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Start Here - Heed the High Call

The High Call on a Man's Life

It's a calling placed by God in the hearts of men. Some men hear it softly, some strongly, but it calls us to rise well above the status quo; to reject passivity, to take up our courage and live with a legacy mindset. 

If you're hearing that call and feeling the pull to become a greater man, here's how to get started with Wolf & Iron.

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Get to know me a bit better and the mission of Wolf & Iron, here.

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Every man needs to be investing in the books and podcasts to help him grow. We interview some of the best men out there on any and all subjects related to family, entrepreneurship, leadership, and adventure. We also have an Ask a Man series where you can send in your own questions about being a man, and Truck Talk Thursday, an off-the-cuff short-form talk every week. You can subscribe to our podcast here: 

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We don't let everyone in. That way we keep the caliber of men and conversations high. Join me and the thousands of other men on their journey to heed the High Call on their lives. Request access here.

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