Bonus: Beard Oil PSA // Truck Talk Thursday

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I'm releasing this bonus Truck Talk Thursday episode on a Saturday. Not sure if that is allowed but I thought this would be a good one for a weekend listen.

Beard Oil PSA

Since releasing our own line of beard oil we've gotten a lot a great feedback. We sought to be completely unique and condition a beard like no other oil on the market, and we're knocking it out of the park!

But, we've also had a lot of guys ask, " What the heck is beard oil?" so I thought I would do a little PSA to educate on the how and why beard oil should be used for guys with beards.

No Beard? No Problem!

As you will find out in the episode, "beard oil" is a slight misnomer. The goal is actually to moisturize the skin which then feeds the beard with oil. If you don't have a beard (especially if you shave), you can actually use our oil to condition your skin and smell amazing. Also, you don't have to use as much as we bearded fellows, so a bottle will go a long way.

Most beard oils can't do this because they are too greasy. Not ours. You'll have to trust me on that until you try it yourself.

Want to check it out for yourself?

Head over and pick up a bottle. You can thank me in 9 months. (get it?)

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