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A Pound of Pluck // Truck Talk Thursday - Wolf & Iron

A Pound of Pluck // Truck Talk Thursday

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"A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck." - President James A. Garfield

When I was a young man, I believed that success (and life in general) just happened. Things came to you or they didn't. Perhaps, I thought that there was some karma-esque thing to it as well. If you did good things, thought good thoughts, then the universe might shine upon you. But that was still no better than blind luck because there were no rules governing favor with the universe. How good did you need to be? How nice? Could you piss off the universe and have karma demerits?



    1. Spirited and determined courage

Pluck is old-school speak for being action-oriented and having a good bit of sticktoittiveness (yes that's a word) even when things are hard. It's dogged determination and resilience, and it's what makes for fortune and favor. And, it's a whole lot better than luck.

Pluck or Luck?

This St. Patrick's Day, we'll see a lot of lucky symbols and probably hear talk of luck, but let's be honest: we're all about the green and Guinness and perhaps some corned beef and cabbage. In any case, it's a good time to take stock of how you think good things come about. Business or career success, a happy family, a healthy body and mind? You likely believe that they happen to those who strive for them, but do you work like a man who holds that belief?

p.s. A St. Patrick's Day feast will test your intestinal fortitude. I think we could all use some luck the day after ;-). 

p.p.s. Here is the book on James A.Garfield that is absolutely amazing and I couldn't remember the name in the podcast:

destiny of the republic garfield book cover

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