Working with Your Best Girl // Dave Hollis of Hollis Co.

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Dave Hollis was a high-profile exec at Disney, but he left all of that behind to focus on his wife's (Rachel Hollis) budding business. As someone who works with his wife, I was eager to speak to Dave about the challenges they face and what it's like to be in a business where his wife is out front.

Counseling. Do it.

Dave and I are in agreement that just about every couple could use some counseling, but it's definitely true of couples that are also business partners. Not only is your family on the line, but your employees and their families as well. And, if you're putting yourself out there as someone people can learn from, they begin to trust in you and a failure in your spousal relationship can cause a breakdown in the trust with your audience.

It Takes a Confident Man to Support his Wife

Statistics show that most businesses are owned by men, but in the new information age women are finding a voice. And, since women are typically more relationship oriented than men, we are seeing them come together through women like Rachel Hollis. At the end of the day, it takes a confident man to support his wife and let her shine without bruising his ego.

Connect with Dave & Rachel Hollis

The Chic Site (Rachel's Main Site)

Rise Together Podcast (Rachel and Dave's joint podcast)

Dave Hollis on Instagram

Rachel Hollis on Instagram

Check out this video on Dave talking about leaving Disney on his last day there.

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