Calling All Men: Write for Wolf & Iron

Gunner Ernie Widders writes a letter from Vietnam

Do you have a manly thought you wish you could share with the world? Do you want to inspire men to be more manly? Has life taught you a few lessons you would like to share? Can you write worth a dern? Do you have a never-ending love for bacon and other meat stuffs?

If the answer yes, then how about blogging with us?!

The goal of Wolf & Iron is to inspire guys to be more manly, to take up the High Call of Manful Living for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the world. This happens when men impart some manliness to each other, which is best done in real, personal relationships, but can also happen when men pour out their thoughts through writing, audio, or video.

Here is What I am Looking For

1. Men with passion – About life in general or about a particular area. Manliness is in everything we do, from cooking to hunting to style to virtues to family…everything.

2. Men who are open – It’s hard to read a closed book. I want guys who love to teach and love to share. You know if that is you.

3. Men who can write (at least a little) – I think most people can tell if they are a good writer or not. The words seem to come or they don’t. Maybe you’re more of a technical writer than a poet, and that’s all right. Each guy has his own voice.

4. Helpful content – In other words, I don’t want someone who wants to vent about how much politicians suck and how awful this generation is etc. Wolf & Iron is about building up. There are plenty of sites that do otherwise.

5. Other bloggers – Do you have a manly blog or business that you want to promote? Write for Wolf & Iron and expand your audience.

Also, if you are more of a video person, that works as well. I would love to have some helpful videos or videos of guys just being real and sharing a bit of their life on the site.

Are You Ready?

Think you may have what it takes? If so, contact me and we’ll see where it leads!

Also, if you know of anyone who may fit the bill, please forward this to them!

– Yarbrough

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