Discipling the Warrior Heart // Lonnie Berger

Discipling the Warrior Heart // Lonnie Berger

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My goal is to help men be better men, and if I can help some of us be better Christian men then I'm proud to do so. Lonnie Berger gets this. He's the founder of Every Man a Warrior, a Christian men's ministry that is based around discipling men on the practicals of manhood.

Men Need the Basics

It's true. We need the fundamentals of living as adult males, primarily because of rampant fatherlessness, but also because of the poor examples of masculinity we see portrayed by media, which is a primary influence in the lives of most men. 

Lonnie says we need to have the practicals of our lives under control before we can have the headspace and heartspace to really begin considering the deep, philosophical and theological questions that we often hear from the pulpit.

Non-Christian Benefits from the Bible

The Bible has such helpful and practical insight into living life that even non-Christians can benefit from applying the lessons of Scripture. Proverbs, as a prime example, is filled with pithy, commonsense wisdom that any many can apply. This can often serve as a soft introduction to Christianity. A man may find himself saying, " If the Bible has been right about this or that, maybe there are other things it is right about."

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