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Don't Find Yourself // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY - Wolf & Iron

Don't Find Yourself // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

We've all heard the mantra of "finding ourselves". Apparently, this can be a lifelong journey but it often looks a lot like a midlife crisis that lasts for a decade or more. After many years of living life as an adult, people are quick to throw off responsibility in favor of the freedom they have been missing out on. Too often, though, the pendulum swings too far to the other side and instead of "finding themselves", they find themselves more lost than ever.

Finding Yourself is the End of the Journey

Far better than finding yourself, is to know yourself, as you are today. Every man should still have a vision of who he wants to become, but he can't neglect living authentically as he is today.

Bill Day, author of Becoming the Likeness of Jesus: and becoming yourself at the same time, makes a point that stuck out to me: finding yourself signifies the end of the journey; whereas being yourself is a journey that never ends.

Being Yourself while Still Progressing

I know that some of you who read/listen to this are going to think, "But if I am myself, how can I progress?" It's simple: You can do both if who you are is a man that wants to better himself. That is authentically you. A man, living as he is which includes becoming the better version of himself.

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