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Feeding Your Desire to Hunt and Kill with Aaron Towns - Wolf & Iron

Feeding Your Desire to Hunt and Kill with Aaron Towns

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Aaron Towns

There is something so exhilarating about walking through the woods, tracking an animal with the intent to take its life. Aaron Towns was not brought up hunting but was given an opportunity of a lifetime in his twenties to hunt with a friend and had an experience that changed his life forever. He now shares the experience of hunting with his wife and children and started Mission Outside to get parents and kids in the outdoors. Aaron explains the differences between hunting on private and public lands and how you can start hunting without spending thousands of dollars in weapons and gear.


  • Aaron Towns - Introduction (5:30)
  • Kids and Hunting - Aaron tells us about taking his 2 year old daughter out for her first hunting trip (8:45)
  • The story of Mike’s first time hunting (13:30)
  • What drew you in to wanting to hunt? (14:45)
  • Where to hunt, private or public land? (18:30)
  • Understanding the history of hunting and how hunting has evolved over time (23:00)
  • Aaron talks about his experience with hunting overseas (Spain) and how it differs from here in the states (25:45)
  • Comparing different hunting seasons such as Archery and Rifle season (28:15)
  • Feeding that desire to kill an animal and finding the thrill in the experience (37:00)
  • Aarons hunting bucket list of places and animals to hunt (39:00)


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