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Fireside Topic: How do you find rest? - Wolf & Iron

Fireside Topic: How do you find rest?

Rest is really important. I don’t mean making sure you catch your full 8 hours of sleep, rather, the restorative kind of rest. The kind that releases your mind from the daily doldrums of life and allows you to take inventory of where you are in life and think about where you want to go. For some guys that is nature, others it’s Disney. In many cases it may be very different from our spouse or friends which can make carving out the time for rest or finding that vacation spot more difficult.

Understanding how you find restorative rest is important to ensure you don’t burn out at home or at work. Here are some questions to help you think through it:

  • Are you more relaxed with others or alone?
  • Do you like a heavily planned vacation (itinerary) or prefer to keep it loose?
  • The beach, the mountains or staying home?
  • Do you like to be active or lazy?
  • Do you like physical activity such as running or sight-seeing, or do you prefer more time with your own thoughts?

Whether it’s movies or traveling, rest is key. We need that timeout to gain perspective and to have the energy to right our paths.

- Fireside Topic articles are interesting topics to get men talking. Find a few friends and throw a question out there and see what develops. Read more here. -


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