Fireside Topic: What is your religious background and are you still practicing?

Creation of Man

Part of coming into your own is evaluating the beliefs you were raised with and either making them yours or eliminating them. This applies to everything from religion to whether you should drive a Ford or a Chevy.

In the last few decades religion has become less and less relevant as a base for our social interactions. Even in the South, the stigma of “not going to church” has all but been removed. At one time the church (building) was a place for everything (government and community meetings, voting, announcements, etc.) and the bells of the church were used to call people to meetings or warn of an imminent threat. This no longer being the case, there is less pressure and therefore more freedom to choose your own path.

Regardless of the religious background of your parents, a man has to come to his own beliefs. Practicing a religion void of belief is hypocrisy.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your friends:

  • What are the tenants of the belief?
  • Do you fully understand those tenants?
  • Do you believe in those tenants?

If you no longer practice:

  • Did you stop because of disbelief or the actions of people?
  • Do you disagree with the practice of the religion, or the beliefs?

- Fireside Topic articles are interesting topics to get men talking. Find a few friends and throw a question out there and see what develops. Read more here. -

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