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Fireside Topic: What qualities make for a good family? - Wolf & Iron

Fireside Topic: What qualities make for a good family?



Images of the 1950’s nuclear family and most family oriented sitcoms give off the vibe that being a family, the kind of family you would want to have, comes naturally. Even real-life families that seem to have it all together can come across that way as well. Truth is, most families that you admire are very purposeful in how they do “family life”, and every family has problems, though, some are better at hiding them than others. Like most things in life, having the kind of family you desire isn’t going to come without some work and some changes.

Every family has something they need to work on. Here are a few areas to think about:

  • Is your home a happy home?
  • Are you glad to come home each day?
  • How respectful are your children?
  • Do you eat together?
  • Do you spend quality time together? How much?
  • What are your family traditions?

I have found, over the years, that I can draw a lot from watching other families that I admire. For example, some are better at holidays while others are better at hosting, while still some just seem to have an open and fun spirit.

Are there any things your family does well that you can share?

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