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Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team! - Wolf & Iron

Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team!

Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team! - Wolf and Iron

As previously mentioned, Order of Man and Wolf and Iron are partnering up this year to make a big impact on men’s health. We have created the Movember team The Order of the Wolf and you should join right now before reading the rest of the article about all of the cool sponsors and prizes some lucky — and hardworking and handsome — mo-bro (or mo-sista) is going to win!

For those not familiar, Movember is not the same as No-shave November, in which men (and Dwarven women) forgo shaving for the month. Movember is a charity event to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues primarily through the shaving and growing of the illustrious moustache. We’ve taken it up a notch by partnering with some excellent folks that want to make this Movember extra hairy!

Click here to Join Our Movember Team!


The 2015 Movember Team Sponsors

The following businesses have put forth their most excellent goods to help kick-off the season and award our top Movember compadres. Guys, these are small businesses that have locked arms with us to really make this Movember special. Be sure to check them out and give them a follow!

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

I’m a big fan of Buffalo Jackson! These guys were the first to respond to my request for Movember sponsors, and they responded in a big way. They are donating an Elkton Waxed Canvas Duffle! You can be sure this will go to our top mo-bro!

Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team! - Wolf and Iron

Buffalo Jackson’s Elkton Waxed Canvas Duffle! This is going to some very lucky, and likely handsome, mo-bro!

Check them out:

Southern Man Beard Oil

Jason, the Chief Beard Master at SMBO, reached out to us when he heard about our Movember Kick-Off event. He had been following Wolf & Iron for a while and was really glad to help make this year hairier than ever. He sent over a good many beard oils — some for the kick-off and some for Movember. I can’t wait to give these away!

Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team! - Wolf and Iron

Southern Man Beard Oils sent us a bunch of stuff in burly man sacks!

Check them out:

Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap Co.

Call me a sucker for good marketing, but when I saw Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap’s designs I was really impressed. After reading a positive review on Sharpologist I reached out to them and am glad I did. Jon, the owner along with his wife, responded quickly and was glad to throw in a number of their items for the cause. I also found out that they are big on giving as they have a number of areas where they are doing some good. They really set an example for me to think about as Wolf & Iron grows.

They are donating a hand-turned shaving brush, 5 bottles of aftershave, and 5 shaving soaps! Thanks guys!

Movember 2015: Mo’ Health, Mo’ Prizes! Join the Team! - Wolf and Iron

Dr. John’s Handcrafted Shave Soap! We’ll be giving away a few of these plus some other goods this Movember!

Check them out:

Arvo Wear

Pulling out your cell phone to check the time is so 2005! Watches are still the way to go and a good timepiece can really class up an outfit. Order of Man reached out to Arvo and they quickly agreed to throw in a few of their nice watches for our mo-bros!

Check them out:

BrewPublik – Charlotte Kick-Off Event

BrewPublik is an ingenious idea started by a few friends of mine here in C-town. Think of it like Pandora, but for beer! You tell them what you like, and they will use their proprietary beergorithm to select other brews you’ll love and send them to you on a regular schedule. Told it you was ingenious! These guys have offered up some brewski related goodness for our kick-off event.

Check them out:

Dilworth Coffeehouse – Charlotte Kick-Off Event

Dilworth is the name of an older, stately area of Charlotte. The Dilworth Coffeehouse, named after its original location, has been a spot for many-an-article creation and they have chipped in some gift cards to be given away at the kick-off event! Great coffee, great place atmosphere, & good people always stopping in.

Check them out:

Charlotte Family Yoga – Charlotte Kick-Off Event

Movember has a great thing going on this year with their MOVE for Movember. Sitting around is a sure way to get fat and sick. Movember actually recommended reaching out to Yoga studios (they call it Moga) to get involved. Our friends at Charlotte Family Yoga were more than willing and have donated some Moga goods for our kick-off event!

Check them out:

More to Come!

We are still working out how to organize all of this awesomeness into prize packs. Once we do I’ll update this article. I look forward to growing my mo with all of you this year. Join the Movember team here or make a donation.

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