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Howdy, readers and followers of manliness! I have had the idea of a Wolf & Iron t-shirt for some time now, but could not decide on how to go about the process of putting it together. As Wolf & Iron is a passion of mine, but alas still a side project with no serious income streams, I did not have the funds to dedicate to pre-ordering shirts and selling them over time. Other DIY t-shirt sites did not have the quality and variety of shirts I was looking for. A friend mentioned and it seemed like the right fit. I’m excited to finally introduce the first official Wolf & Iron shirt:

Wolf and Iron Shirt

Get the official Wolf & Iron Shirt!

In case you are not familiar with, it allows people to create and sell shirts at no cost to themselves in a limited run, limited time campaign. The Wolf & Iron t-shirt campaign is set to relaunch when the campaign ends so feel free to order any time. Shirts typically ship 10-14 days after the campaign ends. Here is a quick run-down of the differences in the available styles:

  • American Apparel Crew – A classic 100% cotton tee.
  • Teespring Premium Tee – An every day tee with a slightly heavier and looser fit than the American Apparel Crew. This is the one I have and really like the fit.

I plan to use the profit from the shirts to fund other Wolf & Iron projects, but more importantly, I hope it will help get the word out about this manly site. Thanks for all of your contributions, emails, and comments! Get the shirt & show your support for manliness!

Me with Shirt

The shirt is guaranteed to look as good, if not better, on you! Thanks for your support!

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