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Thu-Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Steven Disser - Wolf & Iron

Thu-Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Steven Disser

Steven Disser

Steven Disser, a lawyer from Nashville, shares his journey of thru-hiking Appalachian Trail twice and how the experience has changed his outlook on life. Steven explains how being on the trail for 5 and 6 months at a time he was able to experience some of the highest of high moments and also some of the lowest of lows. If you have a calling or yearning for adventure, you won’t want to miss this episode.


  • Introduction of Steven Disser (5:45)
  • Steven tells his story of his adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) (7:50)
  • What is trail life like for 5-6 months at a time? (10:50)
  • What kinds of preparations had to be made before starting the AT Journey? (16:45)
  • How do you handle things such as washing clothes, first aid, and some of the things you don’t normally have to worry about on shorter hiking trips? (23:15)
  • Steven talks about the times on the trail that he contemplating quitting (29:20)
  • Gaining perspective of your life by being outdoors and finding peace and clarity (34:00)
  • The mental obstacles and getting lost in your wandering thoughts (37:15)
  • Steven’s trail name “Bud” and how kids became a part of the adventure with “Where’s Bud” (46:10)
  • How has completing these journeys changed you as a man and your perspective on life? (51:20)


  • Read Steven’s Blog he kept on his journey HERE
  • Check out the book “Appalachian Trials” HERE 
  • Visit for more information on hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • Join a powerful group of like-minded men by visiting the Wolf & Iron Facebook Group
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