5 Year Manniversary // Truck Talk Thursday

5 Year Manniversary // Truck Talk Thursday

That's right, Wolf & Iron is 5 years old! I thought I would share some thoughts on where we've been and where we are going.

From Blog to Podcast to...?

When Wolf & Iron first started, blogging was all I had time for. Honestly, I actually miss those days. But, I quickly found out that while the articles were appreciated, they didn't engage with men in the way I wanted, and so we jumped over to podcasting which has been a great experience. In the next year I want to move more into video and community engagement.

Wolf & Iron is a Team!

As Wolf has grown in the last year, adding the store and increasing the amount of podcasting, I've finally put together a team to help keep things on track. Our producer is Cody, podcast editor is Gabe, Show note specialist is Jordan, and Stephanie handles all of the shipping of the goods. Leveraging the skills within the team is critical to keep Wolf moving forward.

Rustic and Main is Keeping me Busy

The success of rusticandmain.com has allowed me to be a full-time entrepreneur, but it also requires me to be a full-time leader of a different business. So, I'm still navigating how to get Wolf setup for success while keeping Rustic rolling strong.

The Foundry

I'm excited for the launch of The Foundry in 2019. It will be our membership community of men serious about changing themselves and influencing the men around them. Originally I had hoped to launch in January, but it looks like it will be pushed out. That's actually a good thing, because the more time that goes by, the more I know what it needs to look like and how it will best serve all of us in our growth as men. If you're interested in keeping tabs on The Foundry, head over here and sign up

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