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How to do Yoga Like a Man with Dean Pohlman - Wolf & Iron

How to do Yoga Like a Man with Dean Pohlman

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Dean Pohlman

In this episode we will introduce you Dean Pohlman, founder of Man Flow Yoga, who inspires and helps men understand how yoga can make them stronger and compliment their already established workout regimen.


  • Introduction of Dean Pohlman from Man Flow Yoga (4:20)
  • Not all yoga has to be spiritually driven (9:00)
  • How to get started if you are new to yoga and how to add yoga into your workout regimen (14:40)
  • The many benefits of focusing on your breathing (20:45)
  • The connection between yoga and testosterone levels (23:30)
  • How to breathe properly and effectively (28:45)
  • Active vs Passive range of motion and how to increase your range of motion (35:00)
  • Feeling comfortable being a beginner in a yoga class and finding the right instructor/class (44:00)
  • Tips on being “the guy” in the yoga studio (47:50)
  • Yoga tips and resources including Dean’s book “Yoga Fitness For Men” (51:30)


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