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How to Atomize Your Habits with James Clear - Wolf & Iron

How to Atomize Your Habits with James Clear

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James Clear

"Habits" is huge buzz word in our society today. We believe it is impressive when someone can innovate on a topic that has been around for so long and can bring new concepts and ideas to the table. This is exactly what our guest James Clear has done with his book Atomic Habits. James and Mike discuss how to understand what your natural habits are, how to slowly work habits into your life, and what you need to focus on before you start to set your goals.


  • James Clear Interview Introduction (5:15)
  • How James got started and researching and writing his book “Atomic Habits” (7:15)
  • How does the average person know what their habits are and why they do the things they do? (11:45)
  • Creating a habit scorecard (14:20)
  • Different personality types and people who fall into routines more easily than others (16:45)
  • Finding habits that work for your life (23:00)
  • Goal setting and what you need to focus on BEFORE you set goals (28:20)
  • Changing how you see yourself and your habits that you have (38:00)
  • Learn to lead with the behavior rather than the belief (42:30)


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