Wolf & Iron Podcast #15: Aaron Walker on Entrepreneurship, and Living a Life of Success and Significance

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The first time I heard Aaron Walker (known as “Big A”) speak I knew I had to have him on the podcast. I didn’t know anything about him, I just loved his enthusiasm. Before I read his book or had really taken a look at his site, I reached out to him and asked him to be a guest, to which he gladly obliged. If you know, or have seen Aaron talk, you likely feel the same. He is a man you want to be around and have in your life. What’s more, he has an amazing story and a big heart.

Before the interview I asked Big A if had any questions for me. I’m such a down to business kind of guy, I sometimes — no, all times — forget to slow down and take people in. Anyhow, Aaron said he did, that he wanted to get to know me and my family a bit. He’s a man that cares, folks, and it’s genuine. We talked for a bit before jumping in to the official podcast. A few days after the interview I got a handwritten note in the mail. Class!

Aaron has a great story of being a successful entrepreneur at a young age, then looking for meaning in life. He brings years of experience to the table and it was an honor to speak to him. This is one podcast episode you don’t want to miss, and Aaron Walker is the guy you need to be following.

Free Self Assessment

At then end of the podcast Aaron surprised me by offering something to my audience (that’s you). Here’s the link to check it out.

Key Topics

  • Aaron Walker’s story on being successful at an early age
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How Should a Man Define Success?
  • What Does a Significant Life Look Like?
  • The Benefits of a Master Mind Group

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Aaron’s Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind:


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