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Wolf & Iron Podcast #006: Ben Hewitt on Living Off the Land, Unschooling, Writing & More

Posted in - Man Skills & Podcast & Survival & Work on June 6th 2016 0 Ben Hewitt Podcast Interview_Fotor2

I came across Ben Hewitt a few years ago. He’s a man living much of the way many men desire to live: by the sweat of his brow, on his own land, raising and growing food, educating his children as he sees best, and seeing how his hard work directly contributes to the well-being of his family. Ben also shares his life with the rest of us through his blog, and has a few books you should definitely check out. He has a point of view on the world that is quickly fading but is sorely needed and I am glad to have him on the podcast.

Key Topics

  • Farming
  • Raising animals for food
  • Unschooling
  • How hard-work and outdoors improves mental clarity
  • Old-school Nutrition
  • Writing

Notable Quotes

“The majority of kids in the public education system, are not cut out for it.”

“We look for opportunities to make room for learning to happen rather than to make it happen.”

“There is a real benefit to see something emerge from your efforts.”

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Home Grown Book Ben Hewitt

Home Grown is one of Ben’s latest books. Click on the picture to head over to his site and check it out.

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