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Wolf & Iron Podcast #36 – Fighting Human Trafficking with Mark Blackwell of Justice Ministries

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Podcast on January 29th 2018 0 Podcast Banner Template.fw

It’s easy to see the myriad of problems that show up in a society where father’s are absent and manhood is in want: poverty, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. But, there are those things which exist in the dark and so wrench our souls we would rather not think of them. Human trafficking/sex slavery is one such problem that we do not hear enough about, and most people don’t know how serious and wide-spread it is.

Mark Blackwell of Justice Ministries, shares some insight into the good battle he and his team are waging for the lives of girls and women.

Key Topics

  • Get to know Mark Blackwell and the mission of Justice Ministries
  • What is the scope and scale of Human Trafficking?
  • Is vigilante justice going to solve the problem?
  • How are girls being taken?
  • How can fathers keep their daughters safe?
  • Does porn play a role in human trafficking?
  • How can the average man help in the fight?

More on Mark Blackwell and Justice Ministries

Men, I can’t express enough how this is exactly the kind of mission we need to be involved in. Whether you decide to give to Justice Ministries or another organization, be sure to put some effort behind this.

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