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Getting Started Flyfishing with Daniel Munger - Wolf & Iron

Getting Started Flyfishing with Daniel Munger

wolf and iron podcast Daniel Munger Mike Yarbrough interview

Daniel Munger

Our guest Daniel Munger joins us to discuss how a fishing hobby become a passion and the importance of finding something that you love en enjoy doing. We will discuss the intuition needed for fly fishing, what gear is needed to get started, and the life’s lessons that can be found in the outdoors.


  • Daniel Munger, fly fishing expert, introduction (5:50)
  • The importance of constantly evaluating your life (14:45)
  • Daniel explains how he moved from bass fishing to fly fishing (15:40)
  • Two aspects to fly fishing - The things you can control and the things you cannot control (18:30)
  • Investing in flyfishing and what is needed to get started (23:20)
  • Understanding how a fish thinks and how to choose flies that are appropriate for the fish you are trying to catch (35:00)
  • The different seasons of flyfishing (40:00)
  • Mike shares a trout story from history with President Calvin Coolidge (46:00)
  • Daniel’s answers how fly fishing has impacted his life and what it means to him as a man (52:00)


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