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Hey, Wolf & Iron, What Happened to Your Logo? - Wolf & Iron

Hey, Wolf & Iron, What Happened to Your Logo?

Hey, Wolf & Iron, What Happened to Your Logo?

Thanks for asking! If you subscribe to the email list (and you should, here) or have visited our Facebook page or other social media venues, you will have noticed some changes in the Wolf & Iron branding. The old logo was way cool, but it was also way like someone else’s and so a change was necessary to ensure the integrity of this site while also respecting the quality work of other people. That being said, a logo re-design has been a priority for some time but finding the right people with the right skills, as well a design-style consistent with my ideas, has been a challenge.

The new logo isn’t bad at all, and has some color which I really like. However, it’s not quite “unique” enough, so I’ll be working with a designer(s) to come up with something new, way cooler, and then a manly branding storm of awesomeness will commence. I have a load of ideas for shirts and posters and mugs and quivers (I actually have no quiver ideas) but time and ability limit what Wolf & Iron is capable of doing.

How You Can Help

Branding, design, and look and feel is really important to me. I have received many compliments on the website design and layout and of that I am very proud. Changing things up can be confusing to followers but as long as the message is the same and I keep you all in the loop — like letting you know I didn’t get bought out or anything — should help with continuity.

If you know of any designers, or are one yourself, please let me know. You can use the contact form on the home page. I have a few guys in mind already so it may not be necessary, but with the numbers of things I want to eventually do it may be helpful to have a list of people who come recommended!

Let Me Know What You Think

I’m always open to feedback, so if anything ever changes in the look or usability of the site that is good or bad, let me know. I know the message is the most important thing, but quality should be in everything Wolf & Iron is about.


– Yarbrough

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