Reward Your Children's Imagination // Truck Talk Thursday

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If you want your children to stand apart in the society and time they've been born into, help them to learn to imagine.

We live in a world of constant distractions. On a monthly basis I hear of friends leaving social media because they realize how much of their time and mental energy it is stealing from them. The problem is real, and it's worse for kids that have grown up in a world without boredom. 

Like many things, we now have a choice and a responsibility in how we use our time. As parents, we have a responsibility in guiding our kid's growth in a direction that will serve them best as adults.

Daydreams, not Pipedreams

There is a difference between a daydream and a pipedream. Daydreams are full of wonder. The stimulation of the imagination is the reward. Pipedreams are often fueled by greed and a sense of entitlement.

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