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Stop Blaming Feminism - Wolf & Iron

Stop Blaming Feminism

Stop Blaming Feminism - Wolf and Iron

Stop Blaming Feminism - Wolf and Iron“Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There’s just too much fraternizing with the enemy.” – Henry Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State

As I have spent a good deal of time over the last year with Wolf & Iron, I have noticed a disturbing trend in the manosphere (websites about manliness and manly things) as well as the conservative news outlets that tends to lay blame for the lack of true men in our modern age at the feet — or should I say flaming bras? — of the feminist movement. There is no doubt the movement has done its share of damage on society as a whole. What started out to be an equal rights and respect movement was hijacked by feminazis who are hell-bent on the complete subjugation of the male species. Their means of accomplishing this are just short of anarchy. It’s really sick, demented, evil stuff. But, I don’t believe for a moment that feminism is to blame for the state of men in today’s society. I believe that lies with each of us.

Feminism vs. The Laws of Manliness

Before I go much further, let me explain what I mean by feminism, as it can mean a number of different things. I am specifically referring to the men-haters. The women who want power for women simply because they are women and who could care less about social order or the benefits of a patriarchal society. I am referring to those women who look down on other women that have used their ‘freedom’ to raise a family rather than pursue a career. As mentioned earlier, and as Wikipedia states, not every thing about feminism is wrong. There are a lot of good intentions that have been perverted, just as there always is.

Feminism is a Movement

At first this point may seem obvious, but it is critical that we understand what we are up against. Feminism is not a defined set of laws and principles to which, if enacted properly, the universe is obliged to respond in a manner forwarding the cause of the feminist. Feminism is set of chaotic beliefs, motivated by fear and pain. Unfortunately, there are enough people who can relate to the myriad of feminist ideals that the movement has some footing and has shown how much of a destructive force it can be.

Manliness is Both a Natural and Supernatural Law

The Natural Law

This may be a bold premise, but I stand by it because I understand what manliness is: virtues, ethics, & moral behavior in masculine form. And these are more than just noble characteristics that we humans have created to live in a peaceable society. Plato and Socrates are well-known for their persuasive arguments about the universality of goodness and right behavior.

Their logic flows something like this:

  • The universe (or nature) is organized and systematic. It is in order and wants always to keep and restore order. It prefers balance.
  • Virtues (Justice, Temperance, Courage, Prudence) are rational, good, and balanced.
  • Vices (Injustice, Indulgence, Cowardice, Foolishness) on the other hand, are irrational and throws us out of balance.

Therefore we see that a man with virtue (manliness) is in line with the natural order of things.

The Supernatural Law

The Bible is replete with passages on goodness and virtue; just open the book of Proverbs and read anything. What Socrates, Plato and other philosophers have ‘discovered’ over the centuries is really just part of God’s design.

Here is a passage from 2 Peter 1:3-7 that describes this in wonderful detail:

Stop Blaming Feminism - Wolf and Iron3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, 4 by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire. 5 For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, 6 and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, 7 and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love.

We see at the beginning that it is ‘His divine power’ which grants us the ability to live a virtuous life which is in line with the ‘divine nature’. And we see in verse 5 that we should add onto our faith – which is always to be the root of belief – virtue, and then with knowledge and so forth. Don’t let anyone tell you that a Christian is just to be a sheeple in any part of life. Manliness is a Godly directive!

Just Be a Man

There are times when we ought to rally together and fight against a common enemy, but there are times when we need to stop looking outwardly, for someone to give the all clear, and take ownership of our God-given right to be a man. I think sometimes we forget how attractive and good true manliness is to the rest of the world. We are able to take part in the restoration of order to our families and society, but we abdicate that when we wait for feminist to give us permission or for society to give us an apocalypse. Just be a man because it feels right and you know it is right.

Final Thoughts

While this article — like all articles on Wolf & Iron — is geared towards men, let’s not forget that feminism is against womanliness as well as manliness. Womanliness is virtue in feminine form, and feminism is born out of vice, not virtue. If you look back in history, particularly early American history, women have had a very strong role in society, but particularly so in the family. There were roles that women performed that a feminist wouldn’t dream of today and many would consider demeaning: milking cows, nursing children, beheading chickens, tending a garden, killing varmints, and so much more, all focused around the keeping of their home and service of their family. In WWII, women were called into the workforce by droves to aid in the war effort, and missed tending to their families. After the war, many wanted to return home, which is why we see so many “sexist” advertisements from the 50’s. Being at home, in the kitchen, with your husband and kids, was a tremendous relief after living through such a painful time. I don’t think we can imagine what that was like for them, but I think it is fair to say that it helped that generation get their priorities straight. However, the children that came out of that time, and living through a different war and era, didn’t have the same views. Hence the feminist movement of the 60’s.

All of this is to say, the whole family order is under attack. But, when men are men and women are women, and we are pursuing a virtuous life, there is a universal principle that is on our side. Be bold. Be manly!

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