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When to Start Using Beard Oil - Wolf & Iron

When to Start Using Beard Oil

A lot of guys think they need to wait until their beard is a few inches long before using beard oil. However, a high quality beard oil can make the early stages of beard growth much easier.

Start Using Beard Oil ASAP

I recently shaved -- and immediately regretted it -- and experienced the initial stages of beard growth all over again. Thankfully, I'm well stocked in beard oil and it was a great relief to the typical dry and itchy stage we all go through.

Beard oil helps with itching

Whether it's from the new sensation of having a beard or dryness that sometimes accompanies new beard growth, the fact is, new beards itch.

A quality beard oil helps soothe the skin and takes away some of the redness that comes from scratching your new scruff.

Beard oil helps reduce redness

They really ought to make a beard pillow, because regular pillows and new beards are a recipe for inflammation. Once again, however, beard oil helps reduce the redness and discomfort that comes with a new beard.

The reduction in redness also means less swelling of the skin, which allows for beard hairs to establish good roots.

Beard oil helps prevent clogged pores

Because it's balancing the oil in your face, you're less likely to have clogged pores and in-growth hairs. This means a better experience growing your beard and not having to deal with pimples like a teenager.

Beard oil smells great!

Without a doubt, one of the best things about beard oil is the scent. Why not start taking advantage of that right away. There's no harm in conditioning your skin and smelling good while your mane comes in.

Some guys think they need to reach a certain stage of growth before they use beard oil, but that's definitely not the case. Because it's for your skin you should begin using it as soon as your beard starts to grow. We even recommend it for men who shave.

Have questions? We're here to help! Just reach out and we'll be glad to answer any questions on beard grooming or your growth as a man.

Fratres Barbati!

Mike Yarbrough

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