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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Fighting and Laughing until Your Dreams Come True with Bas Rutten – #41

Posted in - Featured & Fighting & Podcast on April 17th 2018 0 Bas Rutten Podcast Kevin can Wait Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough

Everyone loves a great story, where the scrawny kid stands up to the bully and becomes a hero. Bas Rutten’s life is that story! You may know Bas as a UFC Champ or MMA Fighter, or perhaps as an actor alongside Kevin James (Here Comes the Boom, Kevin can Wait), or maybe you’ve not heard of him, but, he’s exactly the kind of man you’ll want to know and follow.

In this episode we talk about Bas’ fighting career, how to handle bullies, becoming a comedy star and having a lot of laughs along the way. Towards the end we delve into Bas’ Christian views as well. This was really unplanned, which is always great, and Bas’ passion really comes through (as it always does).

Key Topics

  • Gaining confidence through martial arts
  • Pursuing his dream of being in a sitcom
  • How to deal with bullies
  • Coming to the States
  • Becoming a Christian

Connect with Bas Rutten

Bas is all over the web, so here are a few ways to find him:

Bas Rutten’s site

Follow him on Twitter

Check out his acting career and upcoming movies

In the podcast, Bas mentions one of his films, The Kingdom of Ultimate Power, which helped him get a movie role with Kevin James. You can watch Part 1 below.

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