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Wolf & Iron Podcast #31: Barefoot Running with Thomas Hughes - Wolf & Iron

Wolf & Iron Podcast #31: Barefoot Running with Thomas Hughes

Wolf & Iron Podcast #31: Barefoot Running with Thomas Hughes


When I was a kid I used to run all over the place, barefoot in the country, and never had any issues with my feet. As an adult, however, it’s been a different story. I was an avid running for quite some time, but in the last few years have had one set back after another. I’ve rolled my ankles several times, have had plantar fasciitis, I overpronate, have worn orthotics and big clunky running shoes…you name it. This piqued my interest in barefooting and trying it out for myself, which is going well so far. My guest today, Thomas Hughes, has a great story and a lot to say on the subject of barefooting and barefoot running.

The Effect of Shoes on Feet

Wolf & Iron Podcast #31: Barefoot Running with Thomas Hughes

Left (B) – Adult that has never worn shoes. Right (A) – Boy that has worn shoes and already has signs of damage to proper foot shape.

One of items we address in this episode is the proper shape of a foot, vs the fashionable shape of shoes. A shoes acts like a cast for the foot and prevents it from gaining the strength and shape it should to properly support a man.

How to Get Started Barefoot Running

Like many new and exciting things — though it could be said there is nothing new about barefoot running — people tend to jump headfirst into it, and in the case of barefoot running this can do some serious damage. If your feet haven’t become accustomed to walking without the aid of a shoe, it’s best to start slow. Thomas Hughes discusses what that should look like and his experience going from shoes to shoeless.

Why Arch Supports are Your Enemy

OK, maybe this is starting to sound a bit too hippy for some of you, but hang with me here. Thomas makes an excellent point about how arches work in architecture and bridges, and how arch supports undermine the design and actually weaken our feet.

Key Topics

  • How to get started barefoot running
  • Why shoes are keeping your feet weak
  • The mechanics of feet

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