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Foundry Friday

Oct 15, 2021

FF01. Bad Communication on Social Media // FOUNDRY FRIDAY

Introducing Foundry Fridays! For the next several weeks we'll drop a new episode related to social media, the problems, and the solutions. Check out what we're doing to address this at No one has ever been taught how to do social media. Very few people are properly taught how to engage in a productive conversation. In short, we've given millions of poor communicators a platform to showcase their shortcomings. We can do better.

Oct 8, 2021

FF00. What's Really Happening with Facebook? // FOUNDRY FRIDAY

Welcome to Foundry Friday! On Monday, Oct 4th, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down for several hours. It's particularly bad timing given the "whistleblower" that came out the same day. But is that what's really going on?
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