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Jun 21, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Hitting Your Mark – Truck Talk Thursday #005

Most of the time we talk about “balance” in our lives: how much work, play, family time we allocate. However, we can’t truly keep life in balance because somethings should outweigh others. In this #trucktalkthursday episode I talk about having a bull’s-eye approach to life rather than trying to keep everything in balance. ...

Jun 14, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Why We Fail to Plan and Execute – Truck Talk Thursday #004

What keeps us from accomplishing our goals? Are we sabotaging ourselves before we get started? In the last episode I talk about how to get things done with Plan, Execute, and Repeat. In this episode I talk about the things that hold us back. #trucktalkthursday Listen to the companion episode ...

Jun 14, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Plan, Execute, Repeat: Getting Things Done – Truck Talk Thursday #003

Have you ever looked back at the last few months (or years) and wondered why you’re still in the same spot though you have dreams and desires? There is a simple formula for getting things done: Plan, Execute, Repeat. Key Ideas A simple strategy for accomplishing goals More Truck Talk Thursday Episodes Listen ...

Jun 14, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Hell on Earth – Truck Talk Thursday #002

What would you consider hell on earth? I heard a great (and terrible) concept for it from another podcast and just had to share it here. It’s chilling, but also an eye opener and hopefully some motivation. #trucktalkthursday Key Ideas A chilling concept How do we see ourselves at the end of our days? What ...

Jun 13, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: How to Fire Yourself – Truck Talk Thursday #001

Introducing Truck Talk Thursday: Me talking from my truck about whatever I think other men need to hear. One of the most important things that a new entrepreneur needs to always have in mind is how to replace themselves. We’re always working towards being less needed in our businesses. ...

Jun 11, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: 5 Ways Fatherhood Makes You a Better Man – M2M – #46

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there holding it down and getting it done! Being a father isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, and there are some things you’ll learn by being a father that you might miss out on otherwise. Here are 5 ways being a father makes you ...

May 28, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: The Mask of Shamelessness – M2M – #44

Do we live in a shameless society? Or do we mask our shame because we don’t know what to do with it? In this Man to Man episode I talk about the difference between guilt and shame and the how and why many in society are wearing a mask. Men, ...

May 22, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: The Heart of a Missionary with Bob “Brutus” Hillebrand – #43

My friend Brutus (Bob Hillebrand) is an great example of the humble guy next door that is making an impact in the world. He’s carrying out the High Call on his life to be a mentor to orphans in Africa and a leader of a mission-minded people in an part of the world ...

Mar 26, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Easter 2018 – Making Little of Much – M2M – #40

Many are making the switch from the term “Easter” to “Resurrection Sunday” as a means of distinguishing the resurrection of Christ from a fictional bunny, and I think it’s a good move. We tend to make little of much, and I’m feeling guilty of that this Easter…er Resurrection Sunday. As Mentioned in ...

Mar 19, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Manliness in 1 Word with Timothy Wenger – #039

If you were asked to describe what it means to be a man in one word, what would it be? If we asked 100 people, we would get a lot of really interesting answers. This is exactly what my friend Timothy Wenger did. He’s a powerful photographer and interviewer who jumped out of ...

Feb 27, 2018

Man of the Month: Winston Churchill – Bulldog Determination – Part 2

This week, guest writer Matthew Perry provides us with Part 2 in his Man of the Month series, explaining how the bulldog determination of Winston Churchill earned him the title.

Feb 26, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: The Proper Defense of Masculinity – M2M – #038

We see traditional masculinity under attack on an almost weekly basis, and our initial response it to defend manliness based on the things that men have traditionally done: fight, lift, go to work, etc. But, I think there is room for a better argument and in this episode I recommend 2 ways to ...
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