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Eugen Sandow: Part 4 – Sandow’s Exercise Routine

Posted in - Fitness & Health on January 22nd 2015 0 Comments Eugen Sandow Exercises

Eugen (Eugene) Sandow began exercising, using the methods of the day, shortly after visiting Italy at the age of 10. Inspired by the Greek and Roman statues, the frail and sickly Sandow was determined to become strong like the heroes cast in marble. At the time, mid-to-late 1800’s, people believed the physiques of the statues …

The Importance of Nasal Breathing for Cold Weather Exercise

Posted in - Fitness & Health & Knowledge & Man Skills on November 22nd 2014 2 Comments Man With Ice in Beard_Fotor

Old Man Winter has hit hard and early this year, leaving very little time for our bodies to adjust to the biting and dry winter air. After a few workouts with my fellow F3’ers in the frosty gloom of the AM, I have noticed a few guys struggling with the change: …