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theodore roosevelt

Aug 21, 2017

Wolf & Iron Podcast #021 – Author and Historian Mark Lee Gardner on Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, Writing, and History

You guys know I’m a big fan of Theodore Roosevelt and have studied and written about his life on a number of occasions. I had been following Mr. Gardner for a while primarily based on the titles of a few of his books (I hadn’t read them yet!): To Hell on a Fast ...

Aug 6, 2015

TRThursday: The Old Lion is Dead – Theodore Roosevelt Dies

As I sit here writing the final article in our wonderful #TRThursday series, I find myself a bit emotional thinking about the man, Roosevelt, his last many adventures, his death, and the impact that such a character has had on history. Many, including myself, will chide his presidency as being one of progressive policies that altered ...

Jul 30, 2015

TRThursday: The Things that Will Destroy America

While Theodore Roosevelt got a number of things wrong as president, he had great insight into what makes America strong or weak, and his words can easily be applied to any nation. Time and again, he enjoined people to not give in to soft-living but instead pursue the strenuous life of hard-work and purpose. He was ...

Jul 23, 2015

TRThursday: Roosevelt is Shot in the Chest During a Speech

“I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.” – Theodore Roosevelt The year is 1912. Former President Theodore Roosevelt is attempting a third term by running as a candidate of the newly formed Progressive Party, created from an ideological divide which had manifested within the ...

Jul 16, 2015

TRThursday: Roosevelt’s Attempt to Simplify the Spelling of the English Language

“There’s ‘gherkin.’ What are you going to do with the ‘h’ in that? What the devil’s the use of ‘h’ in gherkin, I’d like to know.” – Mark Twain on Spelling Reform, 1907 One may think that being President of the United States would come with enough responsibilities, say, defending ...

Jun 25, 2015

TRThursday: Theodore Roosevelt’s Handshake!

“He’s a wonderful man,” said one caller. “When I went to see him [Roosevelt], he got up, shook hands with me and said, ‘So glad to see you. Delighted. Good day, sir, good day.’ Then he ushered me to the door. I wonder what I wanted to see him about.” – From Edmund ...

Jun 18, 2015

TRThursday: Teddy’s Father, Theodore (Thee) Roosevelt Sr. (aka “Great Heart”)

“My father got me breath, he got me lungs, strength, life. I could breathe, I could sleep when he had me in his arms.” – Theodore Roosevelt on his father I write this article on the eve of Father’s Day, so I thought it appropriate to take a closer look at ...

Jun 4, 2015

TRThursday: Roosevelt the Conservationist, not Environmentalist

I wish I had gained a love of history in my youth, because it changes how we view the history that is being written in our daily lives. It also provides a great deal of perspective on how easily history can be revised to suit the current-day influencers. One of the popular methods ...

May 28, 2015

TRThursday: Roosevelt’s Fiscal Retardation

Teddy Roosevelt had many noble virtues which are to be emulated by men. Unfortunately, frugality, thrift, and common fiscal sense were not among them. I find that seeing the areas of weakness in our heroes helps us see those in ourselves. Also, it brings them down to earth. In many ways Theodore Roosevelt ...

May 7, 2015

TRThursday: Great Thoughts vs. Great Actions

This #TRThursday should be a challenge for all of us. Every man has opinions, but fewer of us are action oriented. We want to see change in the world but we don’t seek opportunities to make those changes happen. We would rather not be inconvenienced, leave it up to the professionals or the ...

Apr 23, 2015

TRThursday: Teddy’s Single-Stick Fighting in the White House

“No game was ever yet worth a rap, For a rational man to play, Into which no accident, no mishap, Could possibly find its way.” – Adam Lindsay Gordon, Australian Poet, 1833-1870 Shortly after taking the office of U.S. President, Roosevelt was nearly killed in a carriage ...

Apr 16, 2015

TRThursday: Get Action! Do things! Be Sane!

Sometimes I read the things Theodore yelled at people and think, “I wish I had the guts to say that!” I may never get used to the kind of confidence he had in himself and his beliefs. The sort of conviction that moves him to say what ought to be said in the ...
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