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Fireside Topic: What are the manly qualities that make a good president?

Posted in - Americana & Character & Fireside Topics & Patriotism & Virtues on October 22nd 2014 0 Comments

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” – President Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004

Election season is upon us, and while it isn’t a presidential year, it’s still a good idea to begin thinking about the qualities and characteristics for the next president. If you aren’t an American, this …

Fireside Topic: If you could only have one rifle caliber, what would it be?

Posted in - Firearms & Fireside Topics on July 30th 2014 0 Comments Vintage Winchester Rifle Print

Choose your scenario: End of Civilized Society or Super Strict Gun Laws. You have to choose one rifle caliber to see you and yours through the tough times ahead. What’s it going to be? The easily carried and plentiful .22? The battle ready 7.62×39? The hunter’s go-to choice of 30.06? A hard-hitting .308? Maybe …